Roberto and his dog

I was born and raised in Venezuela, a beautiful country with much geographic diversity. My decision to enter the profession of veterinary medicine was an easy one from an early age. I was fascinated by animals, science, Jacques Cousteau and the Calypso, National Geographic documentaries and spent a lot of my vacation time at my uncle`s farm where I got the chance to interact with live animals and help out in different aspects of farming.

In 1994, I graduated and spent one year in a small animal practice in Caracas, I was hired and trained as a pathologist in a research institute. I moved to Canada in 1996 as a MVSc student in veterinary pathology at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After finishing my program I realized that pathology was not the career path I wanted to pursue. It was challenging for me as I could not see myself spending every day in a lab with minimal interaction with the public and most importantly, with animals.

I enjoy the flexibility and independence of practicing as a locum veterinarian. It offers me a chance to better balance my life and allows me to pursue other interests such as traveling. I have acquired very valuable experiences from locum work as I have witnessed and learned a great deal from the practices I have worked for to date. I look forward to many more future experiences in my career and life in general.


  • As a relief veterinarian, my goal is to ensure that your clients and business are well taken care of. I pride myself on my excellent people skills which truly make my transition to a new environment much easier.
  • Team work, team work, team work. I am quite flexible with clinic protocols (vaccines, anesthesia, etc), however, if I disagree with a certain protocol I will make sure I first try to contact the practice owner and discuss it. If this is not possible, I will meet with the technicians, discuss the issue and change the protocol.
  • Whenever possible, during appointments I take the time to create a bond with the owner and patient.
  • As an associate who has worked with locums before, I understand how important good, clear file notes are.
  • Every locum I do is always a learning experience whether it be a new technique, tip or piece of information. I enjoying sharing my knowledge as well.
  • I always strive to give the best care and attention possible to both the owner and patient on behalf of myself and the practice.